How to ask a girl out?

I'm a senior in college and want to start dating. I just don't get how to get a date. Can I literally ask any girl out? Like if they're just reading a book in a cafe or walking out of her class, etc? I don't want to flirt. I just want to ask a girl out right then and there. What do girls think about a guy asking them out out of nowhere.


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  • Just go for it you might get one.


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  • Just walking up to a girl and saying "Do you want to go out with me?" Is probably not going to work. You're going to have to sit down and talk to her a little bit. Doesn't have to be long. Maybe five minutes at most. Just a small mini conversation and if she likes you enough then you can ask her for her number and then ask her out.


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  • Haha
    You could try asking randoms out without knowing them. It might work after going through a few.

    I think you should just make friends with a girl and ask her out after like a week.


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