Girls who watch sports, would you date a guy who doesn't watch sports? Or isn't "traditionally" manly?

I know guys do this but I'm afraid girls will care i don't like sports. I'm scared they'll judge they way i choose to express myself as a man.

Is it bad if a man doesn't do all the things "real men" typically do? :c
Rephrase: I know guys who like sports date girls who don't, but I'm afraid girls who do will care more that i don't.


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  • I watch sports and I would date a guy who doesn't if I liked him. Not a deal breaker! Also I think if a girl looks for "traditionally manly" she's so into stereotypes she might be missing great experiences.


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  • Umm what? Dude not all men watch sports

    • I guess I'm asking if girls who watch and are interested in sports care more

    • Oh okay. I don't really think they would.

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