What should I get or do for my boyfriend on his 18th birthday?

my boyfriend and i have been dating for almost a year and a half and I've literally gotten him everything you can think of so im all out of ideas for his 18th birthday. he's not one of those guys that wants to go to a strip club cuz he respects me too much. i even asked if he wanted to and said id be cool with it and he was like wtf why would i do that when i have you. so i have no idea what to do. he plays hockey, loves muscle cars and driving (he has a 2015 mustang gt), and loves spending time with me. please help its in a month!


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  • Spend the day together doing things he likes. Go for a drive, watch/play a game. If it were me, a picnic would be sublime.

  • He has a 2015 Mustang, and he's only 18?


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