Girls, What are the type of guys you girls fall for, and what do you look for in them?

What is the type of guys, you girls fall for and what sorts of things do you look for into a guy to consider going one step further and dating them. give me some insight
how important is looks for you girls and if it is important what do you look for in them


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  • I like a funny guy, he has to be loyal, and he is kind.

    • okay cool and how much importance do you give to looks, and does nationality matter

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    • You can't act any certain way you shouldn't be someone you're not. Honestly the chance of her liking you after saying no is slim to none but it's possible just not very.

    • okay thanks for the insight

  • If he is smart. I like a guy who can talk about sport, cars but also politics, economy.

    • okay cool, also how much importance do you give to looks

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    • Keep some distance it will be better.

    • yup thats exactly what I do, and coming from a girls perspective what would that allow would you say

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