We really like each other but... Distance?

We met through a friend. The friend is her cousin and they are both best friends for years. She told her cousin she had a small crush on me. However i go to college with the cousin and she doesn't. She and i texted for 2 months. Both of them admitted i was by far the best guy she's talked to. She said she wished i lived closer so she didn't have to talk to all the shitty men she encounters. Her cousin said that she told her i would be the only guy shed need to talk to. she also admitted she trusts me more than people she's known for years. However she also said "i can't keep talking to you anymore i dont see you and i dont want to be attached" We stopped talking after we finally spent a day together (nothing serious we were both nervous). And she stopped talking to me since. However her cousin said she'll be up more during the upcoming school year and we'll definitely hangout. Did it just burn out?


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  • it will burn out.


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