Could a really beautiful girl fall for a guy because he listens to her and treats her right? Is that really good enough?

A friend of mine has a really beautiful girlfriend. I was suprised when this happened because this girl is way out of his leauge. He said that she loves him because he talks to her and communicates with her good. He said that he lets her know that is there for her. And he is also really nice to her, and she is nice to him. She is also really affectionate with him because she kisses him all the time, and hugging him.
He's not an ugly guy he is just not above average, but this super hot girl is with him.
Is being nice and listening really enough.


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  • It's the number one thing I'd look for in a guy. So important to me now. Physically we al age and have flaws. Kindness never becomes less important.


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  • It certainly can be enough. Most us guys are selfish jerks. Women appreciate a man who simply pays attention and listens to her.


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