How are guys so good at separating their emotions and their actions while girls have a hard time?

guys can be manipulating players : they can come up to you and seem so genuine and innocent when speaking to you but on the inside they are just sceamming on you they are just trying to add you to another list of girls they've fucked. a guy can have sex with a girl and not feel anything for her or can stay with a girl just for sex or they can cheat on a girl and break a lot of girls hearts and it seems like they don't even care it's like nothing ever bothers them emotionally. they can take take take and never give and go to sleep like a baby but girls could never USUALLY manipulate and use a guy the way guys do girls. They usually can never just have sex with a guy without any emotional ties girls are usually the ones that end up heartbroken and hurt for months while a guy can cause all of this and not lose one night of sleep. this is so unfair I wish I was like a guy... emotionally detached it seems like they never get hurt.


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  • And women can pretend to be sexualy attracted to a guy but they really are just trading sex for commitment and aren't very physically attracted to him, they also use sex as a bargainingredients chip in relationships too. That's worse because they will continue the relationship, while a player will be in and out.

    • (Some) Women use sex as a tool to get what they want from men, it's the same thing

    • O and that makes these women prostitutes

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  • I don't think that's the case. I believe gender has nothing to do with it.


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  • Yea your dreaming. Had the exact same shit done to me by girls. Girls cheat more than men do. I think in terms of emotions, guys just are not idealistic. So when the reality of what love is is presented to a man he can never go back and force himself to believe it is anything but what his experience says. Basically men only fall in love once. Once some girl fucks him over he will never love the same way again. Women can convince themselves to do it again


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