Do you ever look at some of these love movies and wish you were the one living passionate love scene or stories you see?

Do you ever look at some movies and wish it were you living that passionate love story? Even if it were a dangerous 1? I sometimes see men chasing women half way around the world to get the love back that they once had, I see men going on killing spree just to attain the woman they once share such strong passionate feelings for, I see men lying killing and doing anything in their power to attain a single woman's love. I often see women doing the se things but, (usually the women are psychotic and sabotaging marriages in order to attain the man that their so infatuated with.) I must admit I often wish I were living some of these love stories, don't you? I come from a world where women lie and use men for money and loyalty is as rare as a $2 dollar bill, never every cashier Will give you change in a $2 dollar bill. Most men do the same but our motives are usually for sex because I'm guessing women make it soo difficult to attain sex for a lot of men, we poetically have to sell out souls just to have sex with someone unique and special but all of that is off topic. The world I come from is California Los Angeles where loyalty is nearly non existent. I often watch such dramatic movies and passionate powerful love stories that I could only dream about being apart of... Do you wish you could live one of these stories?


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  • Used to, during my teens and early 20s. Not anymore.

    • What changed?

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    • That doesn't happen for me. I mean... the couples do seem happy, but who knows what issues they may be facing in their relationship?

    • True good point

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  • Actually no. I never liked romantic movies much, and I was never envious of romantic scenes in movies. I would maybe think "aw that's cute. Good for them" but I never really longed for whatever romantic thing they were doing lol

    • Either you don't like romance period in general or your life has been fulfilled because I'm not the type of guy that likes to fuck random women that I barely know or just met... I'd like my sex life to have meaning and passion and true desire in it... Sleeping with random bitches to me Is just like a bandaid over a gun shot wound😌 I don't like strangers in my life nor in my pants... But to each his own.. Or maybe you've already found a man that brings you all the joy you've ever wanted in life... If that's the case than congratulations...

    • Well I felt this way way before I got a boyfriend.
      I was more the type to obsess over a non romantic character in action or horror movies tbh lol

    • Well to each his/her own😌

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