How do I deal with my "bad" partner?

I'm in love with him. i don't know what to do he has issues with the law meaning he has a parole officer now but was in juvinelle hall but he's out now since he's 18 . he drinks like an alcoholic and smokes on the regular he's not afraid of drugs and he has really bad anger issues. I just want him even if he makes me feel like I'm worthless... When we are together we have good times are sex is amazing he's gorgeous david says he loves me amd cares for me and sweet things here and there so i over look his flaws but I know I shouldn't cause I might be pregnant he doesn't know and I'm scared of him what if he hurts me again . ... Im bound to him I can't build up the strength to let him go... What should I do..


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  • Gather up all the strength you need. Your under 18 (probably 16-17) and he's exactly 18. This guy is trouble, prison, parole, and you said "again" implying he already hurt you. Not to be rude but if your dumb enough to even want to be into that kind of guy you need help, not just him.

    • I'm 17 and he wasn't always so bad I don't know what happened. im just stuck on the 3 years I had with him...

    • Believe me it will get better, but not with him. You know, the silent, shy guys are usually the better option. You should try one of those. That guy sounds like terrible trouble and I understand the position you are in because I have seen it happen to my friend. This guy named Damian that lives nearby, he always gets in trouble with the police, and completely disrespects women. He never treats them well and when he's with them its usually under the covers fingering them, which is disgusting because he has done it to every girl that ever liked him. In the end, the bad guy never wins. Dont worry about the sex, with every experience comes greater goods and you might find someone way better than him. Dont even worry about the sex, worry about loving the person you date and have a relationship with.

    • Also DO NOT tell him your pregnant if there is a chance he will beat you. SERIOUSLY. Leave him. If he's barely ready to have a child, he won't be ready to care for one when you finally have it. He will leave you before you leave him, and he might even kill the child if he hurts you during pregnancy.

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  • IF IF you are pregnant then someone with a criminal history is the last type of person you want involved in a child's life.

    You made adult decisions, now it's time to face adult consequences. Tell your parents *everything*, confirm whether you are or aren't pregnant, get on bc if applicable, Then you need to sit down and seriously consider where your life is going.

    • I'm trying really hard I'm not a dumb kid I'm not I'm just stuck I have a job and money saved up for my college . if I have kid it have a good 22 thousand for it saved and every penny will go to it. if I need a second job I'll get it. I want to get rid of him putting my irrational feelings aside I just don't want him hurting me or my existing or non existing baby

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    • I'm going to do it first thing tomorrow morning.

    • Good for you!

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  • um, find a better guy?

    • That'd be great advice if a possible pregnancy wasn't in the mix

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