Is it bad to be a cougar?

As an adult I don't card people I meet. But now iam 44 and exercising a lot. I haven't dated for over two years and I used to date people very close to my age even 8 years older. Now I started meeting people and I tend to find out later their age. After kidding them anyway. I just turned 44 the first guy I met lately was 34 then the guy I am hanging out with now is 32 and in between I met a hot as heck guy from
the Pyrenees mountains north Spain South of France. He owns his own bread business. He does Basque dancing. We drank we danced we kissed we made plans to see each other more. It was so hard pulling awAy. He was 25!!! Everything in me is opposed to that but hanging out I felt no need to question his age any of their ages. We just felt a spark.

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I meant to say kissing not kidding


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  • a cougar has intentions of prowling on younger men. you seem to have just met them younger and younger by coincidence.


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  • I see nothing wrong with it at all! Good for you! If you get along well and he is into you, go for it! The level of maturity will tell if it will last or not, but age is just a number in my eyes.


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  • No its ok, as long as they are over the consent age (sixteen in most states) then it is perfectly legal and ok

    • I could not imagine crossing Into the under 21 zone they have to be men!! Like manly studly stallions

    • yes, but as long as they are sixteen in most states and you are not a coach, teacher, pastor etc... then it is legal and perfectly natural

  • In all honesty that is hypocritical for you to want older men and then date younger men. Then older women wonder why older men value youth in women. It is because you value age in men.

  • It's not wrong to be a rapist, murderer, terrorist,.. how is it wrong to be a cougar.

  • Those are all ages where they are potentially in the same life stage as you so it's cool. I mean 25 might be a bit on the edge but he sounded grown up, owning his own business and stuff. It gets creepy when people date people who are at a different maturity level, the older person is usually predatory but it doesn't sound like those are your intentions. It's like in my age group people a couple of years older are in a completely different phase of development and same with people a couple of years younger so it'd be super weird if you dated me or I dated a 17 year old. But it's fine for you to do late 20s to late 50s.

    • I know when the 34 year old told me his age I tried to introduce him to girls in their mid twenties and he pulled me away. He wanted to hang with me. He was deployed 3 times and is the boss of production at a major micro chip manufacturer. Owns his own home a sports car that is beautiful a beautiful pickup and a beautiful RV. This new guy that is 32 rebuilt am engine to make his first car back in the day! He is a heavy equipment operator he has his act together. I think because I am more into comedy and writing on romance and feelings and dancing and working out I am just a bit more immature more silly more of a free spirit active lively go with the gut. I told the first guy I swear I am not a predator out to pounce on young blood I must like BSing with you. I don't ever want to put off that vibe.

    • I'd say you're 100% fine. I wouldn't even call you a cougar tbh.

  • Awesome! Lucky him!

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