How do I act charming or whatever to get girls?

Okay, there is a girl I'm into, but, this isn't about her, it's in general... How do I get women? I know I'm not ugly, I'm about a 7 or 8 in looks, but I'm black, so I guess that pulls down my attractiveness, in other people's eyes (I know it's stupid, but, whatever). With the girl I am into, well, we talk some times, but she's away right now and I dunno how to ask her out. I mean, we've hung as a group of friends sometimes, but, know what, fuck it, it doesn't matter, she doesn't matter, next topic. Basically, I wanna know how to get laid before I finish high school (not with her), because, well, may as well get with "jail bait" while its legal for me, right? But, seriously, how do I act charming? Don't tell me to be myself.


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  • be optimistic about stuff in life and enrich your life experience like getting a cool hobby or achievements. charisma does not come from action but from your attitude.


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  • People always say 'Be yourself'. But perhaps the advice is so generalized it doesn't really mean anything. So let me contract it for you: Learn to be comfortable in your own skin. Confidence is what gets girls. And I'm not talking about walking up to a girl and telling her you're God's gift to women and the best looking guy. Remember the difference between confidence and arrogance. Practice with girls, talk to them every time you go out. Be friendly and learn to use small talk to your advantage, and make it interesting, making yourself interesting. Guys put way more stock in appearance than girls do, so remember to show that confidence in yourself. You aren't a 7 or 8. You're a 10, and think how awesome a 10 is and how women will want to be around that. As a final note, your objective shouldn't be to try to just sleep with girls. It takes away from who you are as a person. Lots of guys just want to sleep with girls, but remember to have more respect for them and you'll gain better respect for yourself

    • It was having more respect that my self-esteem was chopped down and I became a hateful bitter wreck for a very long time, even to today, sometimes.

    • It's easy to get down on yourself. It's taken me several years to bring back my own self esteem so I know it's difficult. Focus on being positive, everyday. Because no day is better than today

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