Does a guy even jokily talk about you're future together be a good thing?

Like he has a one year old daughter, and we where talking and I asked if he wanted more kids. He said yeah he wants three or four. I said I wanted three too. And he said well I'll have four kids and you'll have two plus a stepdaughter or three and a step daughter. So I joking said oh are you physic you know I'm gonna have a step daughter. He's like well I like you a lot and if things keep going like they are yeah you might. Soo is he just saying that? Or you think he means it? I don't think guys would talk like that unless there serious? Help!!! I'm 24 he's 25


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  • I've said things like that before. Sounds like it's his way of saying he's very interested. It's a good sign if you are into him. He's happy with the way things are progressing, and is envisioning a future with you.

  • Sounds to be serious.


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