Advice please -What should I say to him?

For the past 6 months or so, i have been seeing this guy. His communication is awful, he gets in touch sporadically, and disappears again. Im growing really tired of it, except whenever he does pop up he's incredibly sweet and charming, which makes it difficult for me to confront him. What would be the best way of telling him, his disappearing act isn't ok, without coming off needy, crazy or even rude?


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  • You Need to Face this problem with him, Face to Face, and tell him that you don't feel it is fair of him to just put you on a pay no mind list and if he wants this sort of relationship, maybe you are Not the One for him.
    You have Enabled him to Continue down the bad boy problem path and he has Sweetly Mistaken your kindness for Weakness here, dear. Whenever it's Cozy and Convenient for him to come back with a song on his lips, he knows you will just put your hands on your Hips And... Keep seeing this guy.
    He has to know his Houdini Act is Unacceptable and One day, the Mad Magician may not be so lucky, for you could Just... Disappear in thin air yourself.
    If he speaks English, he will understand you are Not Speaking in a Greek tongue.
    Good luck. xx

  • A) First ask him what type of relationship does he want? As in, does he want to be serious or be friends?

    B) Ask him if he is going through something in his life that requires him to go long periods without calling you?

    Then by his answer, If he says he wants to be serious then express how you feel about him disappearing & popping up out of the blue is not cool.

    Word of advice, do not take him seriously. He might be already in a relationship with someone else and you're just a sideline he talks to out of the blue.

    Best wishes!!!


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