Am I wasting my time?

So, I met someone who things were going great with. We were texting each other, every day, all day. We went on a date, and things went awesome. I then became very ill, and couldn't go out for a week. And that week just so happened to be her fucking birthday, my luck. I promised I would make it up to her, she said okay, but this obviously still didn't sit too well with her, from what my friend told me. We still kept in touch, however, she started becoming a little more distant. But she still would roll the ball to me and attempt to start conversations. Though, I find our conversations go better via calling than text. So, anyway, we were supposed to hang out again, the week after I was sick, and as I picked her up, she had to go back to her office (she really did), but offered to hang out for dinner when she got back. I was like, okay, we'll see when you get back. It started to get late, and I was getting hungry, so then, I let her know I was starting to make dinner. She said she's on her way back, and was still willing to meet. I told her by the time she gets back, the places I had in mind will be closed. So, we both agreed for another time. Then, she began to become more distant. One day, she didn't reply for an entire day, so I'm like, I'm not gonna chase her. But she liked one of my posts on Instagram. Then, the next day she came and texted me, and I was like, okay. So, we talked, and she was still short in response, as was I, but we ended up talking on the phone, and the conversation went better there, obviously. So, then, I made plans with her for dinner, again. She agreed.

So, anyway, anybody with eyes can see her texts getting shorter and her disappearing is obviously fishy. It seems like she's pulling away or losing interest. So, I need to know; should I even bother going out with her when I'm supposed to (she disappeared, yesterday, too), or am I wasting my time, here? But she's notorious for being hot and cold. So, it could go either way, but something tells me the odds are pretty high, against me.
Oh, and that time we talked on the phone, she told me what she did the day she disappeared (no, I didn't ask).


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  • I think she is still interested in you. Probably just disappointed because how things have been happening. Maybe she thought she wasn't so important for you or in her perspective you aren't making much effort. I don't know. But I would keep trying. She had an opportunity to let you go and she didn't.


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  • Yes, I would say that she is losing interest and the signs are also indicating the same. I don't know but to me see seems like a uncertain kind of person, like you never know how her behaviour will be one day and other day it will be a stark contrast, or one day her messages will be detailed the other day it will be short, or she won't reply for days and so one, it seems like she is inducing uncertainty at least to some extent. I don't know I'll leave that to you to decide, but if I am right that she is an uncertain kind of person then I would say " you're wasting your time".


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  • you're wasting your time.


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