Is he into me or is he playing me? can't get the feel of what this guy wants. And what should I do to keep him interested?

Met this dude who is 5 years older than me at the bar. He is the shy type. He kept telling me how hot&sexy i am. He then got touchy feeling&we started kissing at the bar. He ended up coming home with me. told him he wasn't going to get laid and if he wanted me to drop him off I would. He said no &asked if he could stay over, which he did. He then asked to cuddle. The next day I told him I had to drop him off bc I had plans and he asked if I could wait another hour&I said no. He then added me on fb and measages me asking how I am feeling and gave me his number. He texted me asking how I have been. few days pass & tells me to go out drinkin. I tell him I can't & to ask me on day off. He then texts me on the day off and we then went out drinking. He asked me what I was looking for and I told him I wasnr sure but if I like him& he likes me then take it from there and How I'm too young and not Thinkin about marriage. He then asked me my age.. He was all over me at the bar like literally touching my ass under my dress and we started kissing. a older lady who drinks there a lot told me she has never seen him with or by a girl ever and that he's always with dudes. She told me he was watching me all night & i wasthe first she has seen him with &act like this. But to watch out bc he has a wall up. My friend said the same bc she's seen him out. We go back to his place and hav sex in which we stopped bc I had my period. i then seen a girls name popped up on his phone. We then went to bed & morning he gave me a hug and peck kiss and I told him I had to go. He then messaged me talking a little and told me how tight I was and it felt amazing. He then went and got drunk again and the. Was messaging me things like lets hang when I told him 2 times I was at work. I then asked him if he was sending it to the wrong person? lol And replied your funny lol & I said how so, and never said anything back. The next day he sent me 1 snap and that was it. He


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  • I think he's just trying to have a good time. He asked you what you were looking for, and you pretty much made it seem like you were looking for something casual or not that serious. I don't think that's exactly what you meant, but I believe that's how he took it. Now he's probably just enjoying hanging out, drinking, having sex, etc.

    I wouldn't call what he's doing "playing you." Playing you means he knows you're interested in something more serious, and he lies to you about his intentions while continuing to use you. That's not the case here. You both kinda took the stance of, whatever happens happens.

    If you're not looking for a casual, sexual relationship, you need to say so.

    • I asked him what he was looking fpr after he asked me and he said he wasn't quite sure and he was pretty much just going with the flow. Im actually really interested in him.. Do you think he is also? I'm worried bc I slept with him too soon that he isn't. Should I let him text me first and make the moves? I don't want to text him and annoy him but I also don't want him to think Im not interested when I am and he stops or starts talking to someone else.

    • I think he's treating this casually right now. That's pretty obvious by his behavior. I think you should leave the ball in his court and allow him to make the moves if you're looking for something more serious. Why would you reward casual behavior if that's not what you're looking for? I'd also be honest about the sex. Let him know you had fun but you're not looking for casual sex etc etc.

      If you make yourself too available when something has become casual like this, AND you want something more, there's a high chance you'll get hurt. Get out now if he can't offer what you need.

  • he's playing you.


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