Is he acting weird?

This guy I've been dating has been on and off. For 5 years. I'm not sure how close we are. But he says he loves me. And I asked him if he told his parents how much he loves me. He said he doesn't like to tell his family his personal business. He claims he has anxiety and he is shy. But does that sound a little sketchy,?
We are in a relationship.


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  • No, it does not sound sketchy. Most people don't talk to their parents about their feelings over other people.


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  • Have you actually met his parents?

    • No I've not they moved to Florida.

    • 5 Years is quite some time. He might have weird parents. If it really bothers you that much I'd let him know. I don't see the correlation of anxiety and telling parents about someone you've been seeing for 5 years.

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