Does he like me?

So I'm starting to like this boy that I've known since 1st grade (now we're going to 9th). And I had had a crush at him at 5th grade, and I told him, but he didn't like me back so we stayed friends. I got over him the following year and then we went to middle school and we lost contact, we basically didn't talk, although we went to the same school. He's become kind of a player and cocky, and I was pretty annoyed at him. But last spring (of 8th grade) he kinda started showing interest in me... When I got braces (he has too) he told me "Hey, you got braces?" smiling. I replied by a simple "yes" and then left. Then after a while, I was walking home with my BFF after school and he saw us, so he said "hi" and she replied, but I ignored him. He said "i said hi" again, louder, obviously to me, and I replied "I don't care" and left. I have to admit, I was p*ssed at him for being so cocky. Then at the last days of school, as he was walking next to me, he playfully touched my cheek. I was kinda shocked since we weren't even friends. And my BFF saw it and she asked me "does he like you? Cause he's also staring at you lately"! And now I'm thinking so much about him, I dreamt about him last night. I think I'm starting to develop a crush on him... But I don't want to! What should I do? Do you think he might like me? Thanks! P. S. We're both 14 and single, by the way.
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  • You're not sure of your self. If you like him, then talk to him. Give another chance. After all, he didn't cheat on you so I wouldn't see why you're ignoring him if he's tryna have a conversation.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You should talk to him again and if it annoys you tell him that you don't like his cockyness.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I think you're 14, and so is he. He may be a player so you need to be cautious.

  • How are you a 19yr old high school freshman?


What Girls Said 1

  • He likes you.


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