Is it true that paying attention to a girls body language will give you clear signals as to whether or not she is attracted to you?

I'v just started paying more attention to a girls body language. Is this a forsure way to know if she's interested? Many times in the past, I've had girls indirectly make comments about me and themselves. For example, I once worked with a girl who said "You have big hands, I hope you dont hurt your girlfriend with those if you have one?". Was this a sign she was interested? Another example: "Small girls are the best, We're easier to pick up ". Once she had said this my eyes grew bigger, I said her name in a shocked way. She then proceeded to accuse me of saying it to someone else who had just entered the room. Both of these comments coming from girls. Are signs like these a hint that she's trying to say she's attracted? Did I miss the chance?


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  • Yeah, they are complements.


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  • Big yes on the body language. No signals are clear with women, but body language will tell you a lot more.


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