My ex has been texting me.. not sure why?

We dated for three months, we both knew he wasn't ready for a relationship fully yet but we decided to try and he truly did. At the end of our three months however, he decided he wasn't ready and he didn't want to end up hurting me so it was better to break things off.

Its been a month and a half, three days ago he decided to text me to see how I'm doing. We talked from 2pm until late that night like 1am when we went to sleep. We talked about a fair amount and when I asked him if anything was new he said no and asked it back I said nothing with me either and his reply was 'ok :)'. The next day I decided I would text him, I wanted to know why he decided to text me. He said that he just wanted to see how things are going for me since it had been a while, then asked if i would rather he didn't text me. I told him it was ok it was nice to catch up, then he agreed and told me he enjoyed it. We have now been talking for three days straight. Its turned into talking about are days and a fair amount of flirting.

I don't know what to think of this. When we decided it was best to stop things before i could end up more hurt then I was since I did care about him a lot. I offered to try to be friends he didn't see how that could work. So I don't see how a month and a half could change him mind on that. So I can't decided if he realized he misses me and is just starting off with talking again (we do live an hour apart) or if he just misses the sex and is hoping I will, although he knows that isn't something I'm ok with so I don't know if he'd even bother for that reason.

I do miss him and I have really enjoyed getting to talk to him again. We got along perfectly which we both find rare to find someone we click with so well, so I do miss that. Its the reason I talked and have continued to. It would be really nice to have some idea towards his motives though.

Any idea? or advice?
When we decided to break up, after I left him place that day we haven't spoken at all till now.


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  • Well, he seems that he can't make his mind up, i think you need to take this
    guy not too serious and try not to continue to get into deep with him as you
    can see he goes to flirting but than he's not ready for anything serious
    this is something that can go on and on to the no end, I think your heart is
    true and genuine i do think you are more mature than he is for now he may
    have lot issues to deal with or just not ready for anything serious i know for
    the fact if i flirt with a girl i hope it can result into something serious i don't
    really don't find it all that good to flirt with female friends unless maybe if
    their single but i don't think it's good to have your heart set on him than
    he don't know what he wants out of it but i could be wrong in some instances.


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  • i think you should ask him straight up.
    it would be horrible if you fell for him when he was just after some fun.
    i don't think two months can change him but he could've probably realized how much he enjoyed your company and wants to slowly try again. my advice, don't do anything you might regret without knowing his attentions

    • thats why I'm still talking to him to figure out what he wants, cause clearly it wasn't just to see how i was doing. He knows i won't have sex again with out a commitment so im sticking to that. Im going to continue see other guys well he figures out what ever it is he has to. I feel like he's missed me in general based on are conversations I just dont know if he's got past whatever he needed too

    • way to go! stick to that goal, but i don't believe he's passed it in just 2 months , things like this takes time

      just see what happens in a couple of months then decide then :)

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  • Looks like he's had some time and space to think about it all, and he would like to continue on with you where you guys left off. No way he would have texted you otherwise. Definitely misses you. Good luck!


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