When you visit your parents with your boyfriend/girlfriend do your parents make you sleep in separate rooms?

So you're not married but you're visting home together -- what is your household rule?
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  • My wife never slept in my parent's home. However, we did sleep together in vacation houses they rented.
    At her house we had separate rooms, because of her old fashioned dad.
    My son's girlfriends shared his room.

    • how can I reason with my parents to allow it? I'm 25 and he's 29. We've been together since I moved away fro school -- so almost 4 years. I hate to be fussy but it really bothers me.

    • With my parents, we just did it, without asking. At my parent's in laws house, we tried it and her dad began scolding my mother in law for permitting it. Thus we took separate rooms.

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  • Ohhhhhh yes. When he comes to visit we sleep on separate floors lol


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  • My parents and grandparents didn't allow it unless we were married. I'm going to have the same rule with my kids too.


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