Girls under 25 only please, just how unattractive is a shaved head on a guy who was bakd by 20?

I started losing hair very young and by 20 it was mostly gone on top so I've shaved it, I'm a pale guy who's skin just doesn't tan I stand at about 5'9 and some say I pull it off well despite that, but I still feel like I'm never going to attract the kinda girls I go for, and I admit looks matter a lot, however I want something serious I'm not a player so I'm unashamed of high standards. Anyway girls does a guy having no hair this young make him unattractive physically to you? Have you ever been attracted to a young guy with no hair? Or does it drop a guy to 0-1? :( I've pretty much given up on dating because I shouldn't have to date a girl I'm not attracted too and I know girls are the same and wouldn't look at the bald guy, so please be brutally honest, it won't hurt me anymore than comments I hear at parties
  • I don't mind a bald head, it's not unattractive to me
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  • It's not a preference but it's not a turn off either, a bald guy can still be attractive and I could date one
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  • It's enough of a turn off that I really couldn't see myself with a bald guy sorry
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  • To me it's really gross to see a bald guy sorry
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  • Hey, don't worry my guy friends from the army shave their heads and pretty much the ladies are into them. So, you don't have to worry, any girl will be glad to date you.

    • I'm not talking buzzcut I mean skinhead bald to the skin, no trace of hair

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    • I'm sorry what? Just forget about the hair and talk to her anyways? Your message wasn't clear but if it's like my phone then it's probably because of autocorrect

    • It might be your phone. I will repeated once again. If you like a girl and you are worry about being bald. It doesn't matter, talk to her.

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  • I have an ex who was prematurely bald and he was really self-conscious about it too. His baldness was not why we broke up - his general asshole demeanor killed the relationship.

    • Did his lack of hair bug you at all? Also was his hair gone when you first met? Seems like girls say its a bigger problem if he's already bald when they just meet

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    • Not particularly.

    • Alright, I get it's not likely a preferance but hoped it wasn't a dealbreaker for most young women/girls, many say I pull it off well given my facial features and eyes but I was concerned no hair nulled those aspects

  • I like nice hair on a boy, sorry :( BUT, bald is IN these days ha-ha, a lot of girls like it, so I don't think you'll have too much of a problem.

    • A lot? Be honest here most your friends are probably in the same boat is you right? Not a huge issue but big enough I couldn't get past it, most girls team on it or call me gross or assumed I'm a lot older,

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    • He's also 40 and model type to begin with, I notice you don't deny when I said you probably knew most of your peers you know find it repelling

    • I don't know what they think, topic never did come up

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