Do you think I still have a chance with this girl?

this girl and I used to talk and admitted we where attracted to each other but nothing came of it. After a time she got a man and I got a girlfried we kept talking as friends, respecting each others relationships but we are both broken up with those people and I still like her a lot she's a very cute and nice woman. I'm not sure if she still attracted to me and I also dont know how to bring it up without it becoming weird


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  • you dont have a chance.


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    • Well yeah but this doesn't aply cause she enever rejected me I just never made a move neither did she and she never belitles me or anything o. o

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    • oh ghosh don't ask like that. You'll see by from that:
      You talk about something and say hei I'll tell you later on coffe or whatever give me your number
      If she ask you why: just say because or because I said so.
      She'll most likely give it to you after that just ping her : and if you're late you pay for coffe :)

    • now you're already with here having coffe and start by being close to her, how she reacts and so on after lead her (go with her) to home and kiss her if you'll feel right.

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  • Talk to her and see if she is attractive to you.


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