DANGER ZONE: Dating a girl under these circumstances?

To clarify this, let's start of with me and my background
First and foremost, I have very minimal experience with the opposite sex my age.
I am 21 and have
A. Never had an actual girlfriend
B. Had sex with one girl at a late age in life (I was 20 yall)
C. Made out with a total of 3 girls. One of the makeout sessions this one girl I got her intoxicated.

So anyways... here is the girl I am talking to and about to start dating
A. Dated a guy in high school for 4 years
B. Has a drinking problem
C. Still working with her one of her ex's (god knows how many ex's she has)

The fact she STILL WORKS WITH HER EX bothers me most. I am going to feel awkward going in there, with him thinking "yea that guy has been where I already have been" and the thought of that dude penetrating her and her being in close proximity with him still.

Yea I don't know...
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I mean am I justified to feel this way about this?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Don't worry about it.

    • That is so easy to say. Why tho? She still works with her ex who has probably penetrated her passionately. Such a great image to vision...

What Guys Said 1

  • You may feel awkward... but they are the past.
    The way you speak about her doesn't seem like you hold her in a high regard though... sure you want to "start dating"?

    • Dude this is one reason why I wanted my first time to be with another virgin. Because it was a mutual exchange. I ended getting what I wanted in the end but the aftereffects were not so great.

      Tho I cannot request a virgin anymore, I still have standards. If I have only had sex with one girl and never been in an actual relationship, isn't it right for me to feel hurt knowing the guy she works with has penetrated her and has himself grained into her heart. Even worse, the guy she dated for 4 years (which is a long fucking time compared to my 2 day fling). There is no way she ended that without having some feelings for that guy still too.

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    • You clearly are not into her.
      You need to sort your own life out 1st dude... tackle those insecurities and such.

    • Well my sis has already dated many guys so I am behind. But more than anything I crave that companionship

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