Everything was going extremely well but then boom he just ignored me what the hell happened?

Well here's the deal my friends and I were all hanging out together and there was a guy I hadn't seen before. we immediately hit it off talking, flirting the next day he texted me and was like hey you want to hang out I was all for it so we live right down the road from each other and he picked me up and we hung out at his house he was so nice and great and I really liked him we went on like four dates and hung out for like a whole week Together. and it wasn't because I was like hey what are you doing. It was because he asked me what I was doing. when we were together he asked me if we were a thing and I told him if he wanted to be we were, and it was an amazing two weeks we had together. then one day he just didn't text me back and I'm super afraid of being clingy so I didn't text him for a day then I was like hey. he texted back but then stopped and then he just completely ignored me and I have no idea what happened he led me on so hardcore and now I'm just hurt and confused it came out of nowhere I could go and confront him but i don't know that's weird any ideas on why this would happen


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  • He lost interest.


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