Well, Timder has helped me realize that I am only allowed to date black girls?

Huh... I can only date black girls, I mean, not that I dislike black girls, I just fucking hate being told what to do, like, my personality is basically geared towards flipping off authority, you know? Like, I'm a natural rebel, so, I don't know what to do. Damn, seriously, it's like, if I right swipe a black girl it's an instant match, non-black = no match, wtf


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  • You can date whoever you want. Dont let that dictate who you date

    • Know you really can't. I now realize just how fucking race oriented women really are, more so than men. At least most men will screw any moderately attractive woman, most women will only screw a 9-10/10 white dude, at least, if they have a choice.

    • I don't know how you figured all of that but with that mind set I guess you are never gonna be happy dating who you want.

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  • Tinder isn't the best place to take advice from


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  • I wouldn't recommend tinder

  • Yes, because Tinder is a place where people are looking for worthwhile relationships

    • I mean, I'm just looking for sex too, but, it showed me how fucking racist and shallow as shit women are

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    • I'm black and live in a suburban Brooklyn neighborhood, not Manhattan. And, I don't have many friends that aren't shitty, so, I don't hang out with people very often.

    • Honestly, I think you're just making excuses. If you really didn't want to be single, you wouldn't be.

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