When a guy asks you what your looking for?

Does it mean he's interested in you? He wants a relationship? ... What does it mean


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  • it depends on the guy, where you met him, setting, online/offline. a lot of the time it's fishing for if you are looking for fun or serious or what you want to actually talk about,

    many times it can be if you are looking for short or long term, friend or more, etc

    • Meet him at the bar a week ago and we have been talking for a week and then went out again. He then asked me what I was looking for. I told him if a guy likes me and I like him then just take it from there. He seems like he wants a relationship but when I asked he said to go with the flow. & then when a subject came out he said that's why I don't want a relationship bc of someone he knew cheated. Just trying to understand what it is he wants.

    • sometimes you just have to ask. wait a bit and ask maybe. dont guess too much , find out. if you're interested in him tell him and go with it, if he doesn't want to, that's fine. tell us how it goes

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  • It means he is interested in your answer related to the particular question he asked.

    • I told him that if he likes me and if I like him to take it from there meaning a guy not technically meaning him. And that I'm not thinking of marriage or having kids at this moment bc I'm too young. He asked then how old I was and I told him. I do kind of want a relationship but I want to go slow and steady.. Was my answer bad? I disnt want to be like all other girls and be pushy.

    • be yourself. you have to be. be true and be up front, at least he won't be guessing, your answer can't be "bad" if its honest, if he doesn't accept that its not for you =)

      you aren't trying to be pushy, so you aren't pushy =)

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  • He's wanting to know if he measures up to your standards

  • Yes, he wants to know what you are looking for in an ideal mate


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