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My boyfriend invited me to go on a weekend ski trip with his family on New Years. I've never skied, but I have been snowboarding. I'm not strong on the slopes like he is, and he's very wealthy. I'm just afraid I won't be able to afford it being that I would have to rent all my equipment and buy the slope tickets for those two days. Should I go or not? I don't know what to do.


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  • Go, have fun. I wish I could go


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  • If he invited you, he will probably treat you. So you said you snowboard, does that mean you have all the clothes needed? If so, that cuts your cost by a lot!

    • He's paying for the place were staying in but I have to pay each day for lift tickets which are 238$!! Plus I have to rent my snowboard and my boots

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    • I'm prepared when it comes to snow gear, but I can't bring myself to pay almost 300$ for three days😬 I'm not struggling for money, but I do work for what I earn and he doesn't, so I think he thinks nothing of it while I'm over here stressing

    • Just tell him you can't afford it right now, easy! See if he volunteers to pay. He probably will. You are in a very nice position, enjoy!!!

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  • Yes expect him to treat u


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