Have I just been away for too long?

Hello, everyone...
Ill get down to the problem... About a week ago exactly I was messaging a really pretty girl on a dating site.. OkCupid.. And she was also very responsive and seemed legitimately interested in knowing about me.. She always asked questions and wanted to know more.. After 3 days of constant back and fourth I sent her my phone number and we started off where we left off.. Still knowing each other.. until finally I called her and ask her out on a date for this past Sunday... She said she would love to but... She had her nieces baptism that day and she said she could try to squeeze me in after the whole thing.. Sunday came she was busy obviously and she snapchatted me pictures of her and her sister at lunch and her mom and niece. And yes only me.. i then asked if she was still down to go.. and she said she couldn't because she was still with her family.. i understood and said "no worries i hope you have a great time with your family" she just said thank you after that and so i asked if she would be cool with meeting later on in the week and she said definitely to just let her know when i have a day off.. I told her and I've been waiting for a response to see if its a good time or not... i have not replied back to her or have texted her since im waiting for an answer...

My question for everyone is... should i believe in the fact that she might have lost interest all of a sudden or is interested in another suitor? I have not been on a date in 5 years since my last relationship.. i have met girls but i felt like none of them were worthy of me spending my money on or taking out.. because eventually all they did was try to drain me for drinks at bars and stuff... this is the only girl i can say i would love to spend whatever time, energy, money, passion... just everything. Because i believe she is worth it.. but now im getting scared that i might of messed up somewhere and i might lose this chance..
So any advice would help a lot.. thank you for anyone who can help me out or bring some clarity.


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  • Did you let her know when you had a day off? By the sounds of it she was waiting for you...

    • Yeah I already told her what day im free, im just waiting for her to let me know if its a good time.

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    • Wait a bit longer and see if she reaches out.

    • Yeah I actually haven't contacted her at all.. But she still sends me SnapChats... And not on her story, but like directly to me because I'll receive the notifications.. But i still haven't replied

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