Brown guys or girls, have you ever dated a white guy or girl? What did your parents say about it?

So im going on a date this week with an Indian guy. His parents are really strict and don't like girls or dating, especially if they are a white girl. He seems really sweet and if we hit it off I would love to date but I'm worried about his parents. I don't want him lying to them, but I don't want them to hate me just because I'm white either.


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  • dont worry too much just see how it goes, its a huge plus in lots of cultures for a white girl to be into you by the way :)

    even parents can be a little "omg wow" about that but i think society is slowly starting to realise its not about brown and white anymore

    the traditional views are tough to handle, maybe he's a bit more modern and they are not

    you dont have to let them dictate your life either but you can try to be respectful, i think thats the most you can do. as long as ytou are not intending to do anything bad, no one has the right to judge even a little

    feel free to keep in touch i have a lot of experience with this exact scenario

    • He's told me he's a virgin and I respect that. He said he's waiting for the right girl, and I've told him that if he wants to have sex just let me know. If not I won't pressure him. I don't want to make him regret anything. And Im not going to force him into anything. I think it's cute he's waiting for the right girl.

    • believe it or not its a lot more common than you might think, i wish i hadn't totally wasted my first time -_-

      treat him well and best of luck to you, you seem really sweet

    • I know. I've met a few guys my age who are still virgins. I'm not due to the fact that I was in a five year long relationship that ended last year. But I think that it is sweet he's waiting.

      And thank you :) he's sweet I will treat him well :)

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  • My parents aren't strict in who I date when it comes to race but I've never dated a white girl. White girls aren't really attracted to us unless we're super attractive or rich.

    • He's cute, but not like drop dead gorgeous, and he's not rich. I like him because he's sweet and funny and can make me smile. Not all girls are the same. I mean I'm the only girl in my group of friends that would date a brown guy..

  • Coat yourself with brown sugar.

  • I've never dated at all!

  • Asian mum was pleased, as she thinks mixed race babies are pretty (in her native country all the actors and models are mixed). Asian dad was pretty neutral, but reminded me once to be careful not to impregnate her, as their culture also sees mixed-raced kids as "half-castes" essentially, thanks to the fact that American soldiers impregnated/raped so many women and left behind mixed children.


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