Girls, What is wrong with my eye-contact?

So I am a calm person in general. I usually co-incidentally catch eye-contact with random girls. For example our tutor was walking towards us and I co-incidentally caught eye contact with her. My tutor then giggled and touched my hair.

Other girls sometimes when they catch eye-contact with me have a big smile.

Other girls when they catch eye-contact with me , quickly avoid eye-contact and make eye-contact with my friends. Basically they make eye-contact with my mates but avoid eye-contact with me.

Even some girls at the club, when they quickly catch eye-contact with me, they say to me to stop looking at them, because their boyfriend is there. But the thing is I didn't even look at them.

So why are girls reacting in such a way to my eye-contact. I don't have weird eyes or anything. Just normal like others.

Are they scared of me or something?


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  • They might think you are interested in them because you stare at them

    • Thanks :)

      But they always co-incidentally look first. Besides I break eye-contact quickly. Do you think they are scared of me?

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    • Charming will help. Talk nice to them.

    • Do girls or you personally like guys who smile with open teeth or slightly closed?

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