Is he jealous of my ex fwb?

i started talking to a guy from highschool and we started kicking it a lot then one of his friends who is friends with my ex friends with benefits saw us and he was acting all suprised and excited like he really had something to say. They dropped me off and they picked me up later and my dude was MAD AF! i dont know what the hell the kid told him but he didn't like it. He was being VERY rude to me for no reason. He was kinda mad about something else too but i felt like he was taking it all on me. Then later that night he told me i basically need to get over my ex friends with benefits and i think he's jealous because he called him a few names and said he would even fight him.


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  • Absolutely he is

    • LOL. i still dont see why he would be SOO angry at me though?

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  • He's very jealous of your ex friends with benefits and he's also possessive of you.


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