I'm so dull.. I only developed my feelings after they left me?

I mean, when they asked me for movies or drinks, I didn't really want to go out because although I like them, I'm not sure about my feelings, whether I could love them or not.. but after they stop chasing me then I began to really miss them. what should I do?


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  • Figure out it's the attention you miss, them, or you just a girl that loves to chase, but not be caught yourself

    • yes I am a girl like to be chased and to chase. Normally guys go after me and I'm not attracted by them unless they go away. Nobody knows that I actually already liked them a long time ago, but my "mental problem", made everybody suffer

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  • That is a sign of not being mature enough. Don't worry about it though. Almost everyone goes through that phase from time to time. You're still young and your feelings are constantly changing.