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Let's say you went on a first date and everything went awesome. At the end of the date, you told the guy to text you and he said that he would. He texted you later that night and said had fun, but then he didn't text again. You text him 1.5 days later, and he responds.

What went through your head during the silence? Do you doubt his interest level?

Now, let's say he asks you to go out on the weekend after he responds to you, but now your "busy" even though you said you were free as of the last date... Are you done with this guy?

And yes, this hypothetical guy was me haha.


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  • I'd say she's probably still interested in you, but doubting your interest in her. The best way to show that you're still interested is persevering until you can find a date that both of you are free, making it really obvious that you'd like to see her again. If she keeps saying no, and she can't give valid reasons, then she might have lost interest, but at the moment I think she's still keen.


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  • I wouldn't think anything. It's normal to not text for that time.


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