What could I possibly be confident about?

Seriously, I'm a complete failure. A loser with barely any friends, fuck, I've only hung out with one person all summer, and I only saw him five times, and barely spoke to people in general. The only things I'm really good at are art and acting (even with acting I've only landed shit roles) and I at least think I'm attractive. Otherwise, I'm not good at much things, and have failed with every single girl I've spoken to. The best I've ever done is going on a date, and she ignores me now anyway, for some fucking reason. Look at it this way, of engineers made a plane that crashed and burned should they be confident in it? Seriously, saying "be confident" is some really shitty advice, telling myself how great I am is pointless because I already think I'm nice looking anyway, and, I can't just randomly be like "Know what, I'll be confident today" because if I could, I WOULD. And, I don't know about "fake it till you make it" because, well, if I don't even feel confident how would I know how to act confident? When I tried that fake it till you make it bull I wound up forcing myself to become very arrogant to stay sane despite how lonely I felt, and that arrogance eventually just turned into misanthropy and lack of empathy for my fellow man. What could I do? How is this not useless advice?


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  • you're only 17. you still have time to find yourself.


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  • So.. you're attractive, you hung out with a friend during summer
    you're good good at art and acting (be confident about that!).

    Even if you "only landed bad roles" a role is a role (job is a job)
    there're many people who can't even find a job.

    You claim to not have success with girls, but you said
    that you've been on a date before, again, that's more
    than what some guys have, even if she ignores you. ^.~

    You claim that telling yourself how great you are is useless
    since "you already know you're nice looking".

    The thing is, being confident is not only about looks
    and the point in tricking yourself into becoming confident
    is not done in a day "know what, I'll be confident today"

    What you need is patience, when attempting
    the "tricking your brain" method.

    It takes time to get your mind into the right mindset
    small words, such as "I can do this" or "good work! [your name]
    will actually greatly influence how your brain sees you.

    You don't have to act confident, just be yourself
    while complimenting yourself in your head/thoughts.

    If you stick to it, you will see positive changes
    sooner or later, that much I can promise.


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  • Id say you're already confident about your looks which is a good thing and you can be confident about art , I mean I know it's not easy but just put yourself in other people's views and they probably think you're great or how you see other people , honestly just find something you really like about yourself and strut it and then people will notice how great you are, good luck! Ps could you answer my last question please


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  • Man, good question. I have no idea how to be confident. The only time I'm confident is on drugs so if you're desperate then resort to that, if you want.

  • You're a 17 year old male, not a 40 year old cat lady.


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