Online dating advice - is it a good sign?

Been chatting to this guy for almost 5 months the other day he asked me if I was actively looking for a relationship I answered yes and he replied saying it wourld be a privilege for him to be my boyfriend and that in caring and kind and his beautiful he then went to say he wourld delete his profile on the site we met on.
i have feelings for him and tell him like everything and we are having a FaceTime on the weekend (because I get a bit nervy about dates at stuff) anyways is that a positive convo is it a good sign I'm not used to all this online dating let alone the romance feelings I've been getting x
p. s he also said he wourld love for us to be a item and work (again what does all this mean)


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  • I would never do online dating BC u never no if they are catfisheing...


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  • Of course that is a positive convo. He sounds very into you.


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