Guys, What does it mean if your girlfriend doesn't kiss you when she greets you?

My brother and I haven't seen each other all summer and we'll finally get together tomorrow. Anyway, my boyfriend told me he doesn't like any sort of kissing pda (I only do kiss pda when greeting him- kiss on cheek when friends present and kiss on mouth when they aren't). He told me I can kiss him but he won't kiss me, which I'm not all for. So, I was just thinking of hugging him and that's it. What would you think of just a hug?
It's my boyfriend not brother, stupid autocorrect


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  • Are you talking about your brother or your boyfriend? You start out saying you have not seen your brother for a long time, then say what your boyfriend thinks of PDA, and end saying you are thinking of just hugging him. Him = brother or boyfriend?

  • Sounds like a prick who doesn't want to show off his girlfriend! Embarrassing!


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