How do get a busy guys attention?

How do get a busy guys attention?
So my crush (we'll say "Greg") and his twin ("bob") are identical and quite attracive. I like greg a lot but at homecoming he saw me dancing with another boy (not my date but turned out to be one of his friends) and my idiot friend decided to ask him to dance with us a while later and he did but he ran off in another direction shortly into the dance. Flash forward to valentines day and my stupid band director tells his brother bob I like him as some sort of prank I guess -_- and after that Greg would stare at me a lot when he thought I wasn't looking. i was very embarrassed so I avoided him until the end of the year when I got to have a full convo with him for a whole free period and we talked about almost anything we could think of :running, sports bikes, made fun of his brother Bob by calling him lazy and all that jazz. He also may have mentioned he could do sixty push ups and shown me a video of him running in a race XD. His twin brother also tried to call his attention from across the library once when he saw me sit behind him upon entering the room in a teasing manner and Greg said something like" you're so stupid" and it felt like bob was trying to direct the attention towards me.
But I haven't seen greg all summer he liked one of my instagram posts a week before school started again and that's about the only contact 😲he's an IB student so I'll be seeing a lot less of him. How else can I see more of him so he'll notice me?😬


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  • try to talk to him.