Im shy, but im thinking that I want to meet someone at the gym?

Im 21 and a senior in college, im looking to meet someone and I think id rather meet someone outside of class/ a college party so im thinking the gym is my best bet?

Im nevous though about trying to seem aproachable... I don't want to seem desperate and im not looking to hook up, more interested in a steady relationship. How should I be?


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  • The gym is an awesome place to meet people, especially if you're looking to date. The reason is because people at the gym are there to work out and stay healthy. So right away, you both know that you at least have the desire to be healthy. Like meeting someone in the library who you know likes to read, the gym is a social place. People can work out at home if they chose, but they picked that gym with other people. Or they could have gone when no one else was there. Sometimes I don't want to meet people so I go very late at night (I work night shift). So if a guy is at the gym, he is at least somewhat interested in talking to someone. There are lots of guys who go by themselves, so talking to a girl is awesome to them. I would try to catch a guy in between a set or when he changes workout machines. If he has a friend, talk to him too. When you see the same people in the gym, say hello and let them know you remember them. That leaves a good impression for guys. We want to be remembered and recognized. And it never hurts to ask him if he'd like to join you at the smoothie bar where you guys can actually talk. I've talked to lots of girls at the gym, but I have a crazy schedule so it makes it hard to get number or see them twice. Do you think it's weird if I asked for a girls number at the gym that I just met?


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  • picking the gym to meet a guy? hmm.. its not impossible but most people go because of their fitness health routine, meeting a person is just a side bonus.

    okay do this, don't get all pretty and flashy, just go to the gym as you normally would and work out and focus on talking to guys at the gym. they won't hate you for talking to them, just do it when they're not so busy.

  • it can work but when im on the gym normally im focus... and some guys are like me.. but when u see the one try talk too him..


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