How can I pursue him for a relationship?

I like this guy but all he wants from me is friends with benefits. He is really pursuasive but does not want emotional attachment. But for woman sexuality is in head not below waist (which is sexuality for guys!!)
woo woo woo :D He does not want a friends with benefits now and is thinking about the relationship.


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  • It depends what he wants in a particular partner. It can be in the head for a guy who is more emotionally interested in a woman, maybe not so if he's just in it for the sex and is not emotionally interested. He may like you enough to be friends and likes the sex, but that's as far as it may go with him.

    • He said he just broke up before 2 months and does not want a serious relationship but then he keeps on messaging me like pursuing. I am Virgin and I dont want such a thing as friends with benefits to ruin my first time! If he likes just to be friends and have sex, I should drop the idea of him.

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  • If he says he just wants friends with benefits then you need to take his word for it and believe it. I don't think there's any way you can make him want a relationship when he doesn't want one. If you want a relationship with someone, I suggest you drop this guy quickly and go find someone who does before you get hurt.

    • I was expecting this in my head too!!

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