Do Russian women expect a lot from their men in relationships or are they simple?

Just curious. I'm an American (of Mexican descent) college student who will be traveling to Russia for a Study Abroad program for 2-3 months and then maybe get a work Visa there in the future (for career reasons). I plan on making friends there and possibly more.

Now, I'm not trying to ask or imply that Russian women are materialistic but again, I'm just curious to how Russian women are since I often hear how a lot of Russian families are poor while Russian women greaty appreciate gifts and financial assistance from their men. I don't mind buy gifts for my woman if I greatly love her but you also have to consider that I can't always be spending my money.
  • They kinda expect a lot from their men, like being showered with many gifts.
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  • Most of them are simple, they don't expect much.
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  • Depends
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  • God. smfh

    Fucking be a bold, assertive man who knows what he wants and goes for it immediately. That's what excites a woman. Any woman worth having around won't give a Fuck about the little trinkets you can give her.

    • And the money?

    • Ugh...

      They won't give a Damn about the money...

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