Girls, does it bother you if your boyfriend or a guy you like has some chest and little back acne?

My face is clear of acne and looks great, but I'm self conscious and even a little embarrassed that I have some chest acne and a little acne on my upper back/shoulders, what do you girls think about this?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • No, I will pop them for him. He gets my random body pimples too and will rub my back down with alcohol when if I break out. I think I could love this man.

    • Oh well that's cool, so I guess it kinda works out lol

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What Girls Said 3

  • Dosent really matter

  • Just have medical treatment for it.

    • I am actually, and it's been helping

    • Hopefully. You get better than. Good luck with the girls.

    • I thought I'd mention that if you use conditioner in the shower, make sure you get it all off of your skin as it runs down - it's one of those things easily overlooked and I've seen a huge difference. And if you use lotion like I do for dry skin, get a noncomedogenic formula or simply use rubbing alcohol or witch hazel.

  • i dont like it.


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