The girl doesn't even know that I want her and thinks I like her friend?

i meet them both at a bar but expressed interest in her friend initially but that never really went anywhere. but then i started to realise other girl was all that and worth a second look and that maybe i'd enjoy being with her. but she doesn't seem to even realise i'm that into her or that i think she is all that. i'm torn if there is any hope here or that after going after her girlfriend its just gotten too messy


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  • look, women DO notice if you're trying to hit on their friend first, and when it translates into hitting on 'second best', it just oozes desperation. I think you'll have to work quite hard on this one to convince her you're worthy of a chance..

    • I think she was annoyed last summer when I went after her friend instead of talking to her , she also got into a relationship soon after she returned to university last year after I passed her up but it must of not worked out as she's back out there and guy nowhere to be seen. I do agree I might have to try hard to even get her to give me any sort of chance at this point plus I'd have to deal with girl # 1 who is going to wonder why?

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  • Just be straight up and Tell her how you feel. If she's not interested... On to the next one


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