Has anyone here had any success with Tinder, but with more than just hook-ups?

Long story short, two months ago I got my heartbroken by a girl. I'm not 100% healed at all, but with the help of friends, I at least have the ambition back to find someone else. While I'm not *hopeful* about finding anyone better, I at least have the ambition. It'ssomething. Anyway, one of my best friends who has helped me so much with this recommended to try online dating. She mentioned Tinder, and I know *of* Tinder, but I didn't really know what it is. Further info from her and internet research shows it's primarily a hook up app? Is that right? Please feel free to clarify or explain if I'm wrong. I hear that in my age group (college students; I'm 21) it's the most popular form of online dating type "thing"

But what is different about me is that I'm not exactly the type to want to sleep around. At least I don't think so. By my platonic female friends, I'm considered a "romantic". And I would prefer to say, sleep with someone I truly care about rather than just sleeping around out of boredom. I would rather spend my evening with a girl I love doing something together, dating seriously, rather than chasing tail for shallow meaninglessness. That said, given my recent breakup, there's been a lot of emotional and mental turmoil I've been/am going through so all that has kind of been thrown into question lately. I don't know what the fuck I want anyway. But based on before, it's the former of being with someone I can care about. I've never tried sleeping around honestly anyway, so I don't really know. There's a lot of pressure to do that in my age group.

Plus, I really would want that type of quiet, humble, smart, nerdy, innocent girl (A "good girl" as it were)

I was just curious what people have had experiences with Tinder and if any are good for like... something more than just meeting for hook-up.

Is that all that ladies go there for? (I'd like a lady's opinion on that)

Is it worth it?

Any thoughts?
If there are other forms of this besides Tinder, feel free to let me know. I mean, I know that in person approaches are there, which I have zero problem with. I have plenty confidence to be go up to a girl I find attractive and talk to her. It's more that I still don't have much confidence in being able to find someone better than my recent "ex". And my friend recommended online dating, so I was curious and wanted to know about it here.


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    • Nothing? Hm. Alright, a bit disappointing but I appreciate your response.

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