I need an honest answer guys would you do this to a girl you just started seeing?

This guy I've been on three dates with. The last date was him meeting some of my friends. It ended well with third base at his place. Two days later on the Friday he asked me what my weekend plans were. I told him not much but I had something sat night. Sat he texted me in the afternoon asking me what I was up to now? I was assuming this was his way of letting me know he'd want to get together. So I invited him to come with me to my existing pLans with some friends if he wanted to. I Told him if he wasent comfortable with that it was also not a big deal. So he said ok well I'm kind of tired so I'll just take it easy tonight. It's been since sat night. No text since no making of plans. Our last date wad 6 days ago. Am I overacting or he is just not interested?


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  • Any chance he's waiting for you to text him? I don't think you mentioned whether you tried to contact him since Saturday. Personally, I would have texted the next morning to ask you how your night went. Try sending him a hello if you haven't already, and see what happens. Good luck.

    • No I haven't because I figured the last text was me inviting him somewhere. I figured the ball was obviously in his court.

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  • Offer to do something with him. If he flakes, then he's not interested.


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  • Yes, the guy seems to not to be interested , why would any guy in his right mind do that to a girl who he is sincerely wanting to get with , no this guy sends so a red flag and within them 6 days he could of contacted you as long as everything is okay with him which i believe is totally alright.

    • He did contact me in the six days. We haven't talked since Sunday. I said the last date wad 6 days ago

  • Something must have come up since you guys seem to be connecting well

    • Am I right on thinking his text of what are you up to this weekend and the one sat afternoon of what are you up to now we're a hint at wanting to hang out?

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    • @powernate Give bad advice? Many people would tell you otherwise and since you got no friends whatsoever, your opinion don't really matter as much

    • Okay now u just hurt my feelings. u didn't have to go that far man.

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