How much of this quote is true?

Mistresses in my opinion have more power than they are given credit for.

How much of this quote is true?
He never would have fallen in love with me if you love you enough
He called me asked to be with him, missed evenings with you, so he could be with me
And chose to lie to you for me.
He probably still loves you... but not enough to leave me.


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  • They only have the power to turn a man on for a short period of time. They don't have the power to make a man commit and want kids with them: that power is much greater.


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  • I do believe this is true.
    My first long relationship, I was 18. We were together 10 months, he went to a party.. no invite for me. Met a girl there. He came to mine the next day was hangover, said he doesn't remember what happened. A little while later he dumps me and month or less later was engaged. A year later (I was in a new relationship) he calls me and tells me He misses me etc.. wants me back. And the reason he left was because of her.
    My last (& second serious long relationship) of 5 years on and off. - long story short, He cheated on me (slept with our friend) but before that he'd go out be all over her etc... Hang out with her and not be with me (friends told me this I was none the wiser). When I asked if he slept with her, he swore black and blue called her names. And we were together a year later. He told me he loves me etc.. but when I learned the truth and he lied I left him.
    They are together and have been for 2 years. <-- I am glad they are happy, that's all I want.


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  • I would say it's partially true, but they're helping to cause the pain on the other end x


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