Afraid to tell a girl about my Lamborghini?

i have started dating a girl for the past 3 weeks, and she is a normal cute and fun girl! i met her at the beach while playing volleyball
But she doesn't really know how wealthy I am (or my family is)

I have been picking her up in my dads bmw 6 series and she told me it was the nicest car she has ever sat in
I can tell she is insecure about me being so wealthy and her being less fortunate
I want to take her out in my 2006 Gallardo Spyder! i just recently bought!
but i am afraid she will feel even more insecure, or think i am flaunting etc

i hate to be that guy!
should i tell her about it or pick her up in it?
or should i wait?


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  • I think you should wait and get to know her better because it's possible that she could start liking you for the wrong reasons.

    • thats an issue too

      she really doesn't seem to be that type of girl, and thats why i like her

    • Well I'd say just wait and if she's still that girl then go ahead and tell her later on :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Do not let her know how wealthy you are just yet. It is too soon. She had to proove she is a good person first. She may end up just liking you for your money if you let her know you own that car. For your own good just keep her not knowing how much money you personally have. I don't agree with your dad either, I belive the type of car you drive makes a difference so often.

    • he is used to dating really gorgeous women who always get taken out in cars like mine, thats why he says that
      I don't know whens the last time he dated a normal lady since splitting with my mom

      i agree, i will wait

    • Yes I mean you try picking up a girl in say a 1985 Honda Civic or something many of those really beautiful women would not even give the guy a chance.

    • Thank you for MHA.

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  • Just stick to the BMW for now.

  • I have no problem with wealthy men. I only have a problem with douchebags and guy who think by having money a girl will like him. Just be yourself and don't reveal things all at once. Let it come naturally

    • I know, i dont want to be that "douche bag" you are talking about
      So i should wait right?

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    • alright i might wait a bit
      thank you

    • Please wait a bit

What Guys Said 4

  • you could just pick her up with it and phrase it as though it was the only car left in the garage that day. you dont have to bring up the fact immediately that you bought it. any ways you could always say that you wanted a ride as sexy as she is jkjk. Just take it smoothly dude. Dont worry about her response too much as long as you get it across that if she's happy your happy. andf if your that nervous about her reaction to the car tell her to meet you somewhere. But most of all do not pamper the poor girl she doesn't need to get lots of gifts a few here and there are okay but more than that would really make her feel bad. And if she gets too nervous around the car just be open and tell her we dont have to go driving around town in it if you dont want to however it would be fun... Just come off friendly and if she gets selfconcious about herself you could always fal back on the classic line and tell her that to you she's worth more than the car to you if you really like her.

    If you could take any thing away from what i said just pick her up in it and if she gets uncomfortable ya can tease her to smile and be joyful.

  • Just for safety reasons, just because she doesn't find out, I got a free parking space in my apartment, keep your lamborgini safe there and hand me the keys.

  • I had a similar problem. I was worried about her thinking I was too good for her picking her up in my Gulfstream 650 so I only picked her up in my Kingair 350. Its my daily driver.
    Seriously... she will like you or not like you eventually for reasons other than the car. The car is irrelevant. If she likes you because of what you drive... well you know the answer to that one right?

    • ha ha very funny

      well she already likes me, i just dont want her to start liking me for other reasons

    • Best to find out sooner rather than later I think.

  • It's just a car

    • Thats what my dad said!
      he said at first she will be mildly impressed but women dont give a shit about cars

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    • i am not the best looking guy so... lets hope personality trumps in this case lol!

    • She probably likes you better than you realise. Girls aren't harsh like us guys can be lol
      Hope it goes well

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