Is it me, or is this relationship inappropriate?

My boyfriend is 46, I'm 29. We've been dating for over a year now. We have the best time together. Overtime though, this girl in his life has made me feel very insecure. This girl is his best friend's daughter. She's 20 years old. Dresses in daisy dukes, see-through tops, has a huge rack, and a small waist. My boyfriend has known her since she was born. He's been there for various events in her life. (She has an older sister as well). They text each other back and forth. That's fine... This is where it gets weird:
1. She's gone over to his house at 9pm to do homework (using the computer in his bedroom).
2. She's asked him, "How come you don't ever take me out to dinner before?" The two go have dinner.
3. He'll text her asking her how come they haven't had dinner in awhile? The two go have dinner.
4. She's invited him to go to a concert in a different state and share a hotel room.
5. When the three of us are together, they play fight, interlock fingers and hug quite intimately.
6. She's asked just him, not any of her friends, to see concerts or her drum rehearsals.
7. She's done photoshoots posing in front of cars in a skimpy outfit and texts it to him or he'll ask for a picture.
8. He's told her that one day he wants to take her to Hawaii to check out the beaches.
9. He's told her "love you."
10. She's called him around midnight just to talk.

I confronted him about all of this, and he said there is nothing between them. That he views her as part of his family. He said I'm being stupid and jealous. One day he tells me he views her as a niece/daughter, the next time he says a friend. What can I do? Am I wrong in feeling this way? How can I get him to see what I see and what the rest of my friends see?


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  • That is very inappropriate!! What's the point in having a girlfriend when he is doing all things with other women?

    That's is fucked up... if I had a girlfriend like that I would ask her to stop or dump her if she doesn't stop!
    His behavior is crossing the line and I don't think he loves you!
    He is enjoying his options and you are stuck with him...
    Find yourself a new bf!


Most Helpful Girl

  • When you said he ASKING for pics of her, that's when I knew, "uh-uh". Your boyfriend doesn't love u. He and that chick have an unbreakable history. Ok. He crossed the line big time. Chica, dump that jerk and be with someone else who'll actually love and respect u. You deserve better and you know it.

    • Also, i realized this question is a month old. I hope you're alright.

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What Guys Said 3

  • Yes, sure does sound inappropriate for sure. Why would any man have a Girlfriend
    and do them things with his best friends daughter? Sure makes no sense and really
    what family members would act that way?

  • I think she might have feelings for him and vice versa. Not the friendship or family kind but the intimate kind.
    It's best to find a new boyfriend

  • Yes, after reading this I do find it highly inappropriate


What Girls Said 2

  • Obviously if he's known her since she was born, he most likely will not stop the friendship with her, whether there's something more or not... ... so if you're not comfortable with that, I suggest you end the relationship now and try to find someone better for you.

    I personally would not deal with that, irrelevant to how much they both swear there's nothing more, that's just Ewk to me. I'd move on.

  • "When the three of us are together, they play fight, interlock fingers and hug quite intimately."

    Oh nah!

    Lol, most of the things you listed are quiet crossing the limit.

    I find it inappropriate.


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