Yesterday was our first date?

So yesterday was my birthday and we spent the entire day together. We went to lunch with my parents and then we went skating, but i was too ashamed and scared to skate and he didn't want to skate without me so he helped me some. At first i could tell he was shy because i held his hand and it was kinda sweaty but he was a complete gentlemen, he held my hand and opened doors for me. We went back to my house and just talked with my parents and played video games, watched tv, things like that. Before he left i was upset and he could tell because he kept asking me what was wrong, and we talked in private about it and he stayed a bit longer with me. I didn't want him to go, and im scared to fall for him but i love him so much, I've never been treated or felt like this. On his way home we talked more and wanted to make sure i was okay, he knew i was upset, he always does. He held me and kissed me before he went home. We've been talking since June and we've been together for two months now. He's a really handsome and sweet guy, we had art class together last semester. He told me today that he really had fun with me and he was just happy to be with me, that he loved my parents and he misses and loves me. He's always open minded and sweet. I just have a few questions. It was my first kiss, but i want kissing tips since im seeing him this weekend. What do guys like to do (going out to dates wise), and how do i get over my insecurities and trust issues of dating and just stay calm?


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  • try meditating.


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