Does it seem like he's lying?

Before my boyfriend and I got in a relatioshio, I ran into my ex while me and my boyfriend were talking. After dating he ask about it bc he seen a pic of us on IG. I told him the truth. Well he put a lot of emphasis on it for a couple months. Well I seen an old pic of him w a girl while we were talking (same time I ran into my ex) and ask him about her. He at firest didn't remember bc he got drunk that night and may have been the people at the restaurant next to them. Then it was a friends little cousin, he thinks. Then confirms it's her and states she tried talking to him after that and he had to block her on fb. But he didn't block her and I could tell it was her and I've never seen her. I don't care who she is what they did or didn't do. He just acted like I was terrible, said I stopped talking and changed during that time only to find I was seeing my ex. He quit talking to me as well.. and now I see her.. it seems he wasn't as innocent as he lead off to be. He's 35 and I'm 23. He works off and is gone most of the time. During this happening he was only about 6-8 hours from me for about a month and 1/2


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  • Honestly I don't think he's lying. The girl just wants him and he probably said he blocked her on fb because he didn't want you worrying.

    • But I don't care about her. I care that he tried to make me out to be the jackass when he was probably doing the sane thing, which he pretty much told me tonight he was.. talking bout nor going out w other people before we were exclusive. Then didn't matter, we made our choice of each other but I was straight up telling him what I did.. he not so much. He just made me out to be bad guy

    • Ohhhhhhh I see what you mean. Well you should tell him how he made you feel when he tried to turn the tables on you. And next time don't let him make you look like the jackass. Just remind him that he just did the same thing that he had a problem with you doing then he will look like the jackass

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