How should I come about it?

Me and my boyfriend been dating for 6mos now he's 32 and I'm 23. We talked about getting married and having a family. I'm not trying to rush things but I want to start a family soon and I don't know how he would respond. I thought I was pregnant because missed my rag so when I asked him what if I am? His response was if you are you are if you not then you not when should I talk to him about starting a family?


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  • Now is a good time. If you're thinking about marriage, and want to have kids, talking about that is important. You want to know where he stands on that before you progress to marriage.

    If you bring it up, start with asking if he'd want kids if you two got married. If he says yes, then continue on to discussing a timeline and letting him know you would want to have them sooner rather than later.

    Sometimes guys can be freak out by the idea of the responsibility of having to take care of children and losing the freedoms that go with that. But at his age, he probably has already moved past that stage and knows if he wants kids or not.

    He might have answere your question about being pregnant that way because he didn't know what to say, didn't want you to feel like he was trying to decide for you, or maybe thought it was sort of a trick question the the proverbial "does this dress make me look fat?"


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  • 6 months? I think it's too soon.
    However, if you really want to start a family, ask him when does he think he will settle down.


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